Bruce Cockburn Benefit Concert a Raging Success

Many thanks to all who made SLC’s April 23 Bruce Cockburn concert a huge success. The concert sold out, with nearly 500 people celebrating the life and art of this incredible musician at the Arcata Theatre. We give thanks to our staff and volunteers, to our Board of Directors, and to the ticket buyers for making this concert one of the finest and most successful in local memory. We especially thank Bruce Cockburn for agreeing to play for our benefit. Bruce, your playing was phenomenal, as always. Thank you

Update: Bobbi Wisby, editor of The Cockburn Project web site, also has a blog, where she posted this nice recap of the show.

L-R: Mary O'Leary, Greg King, Bruce Cockburn, Tim O'Leary. (Tim and Mary are brother and sister.) Plaza View Room, Jacoby Storehouse, Arcata, April 23, 2010. Photo courtesy Sarah O'Leary.

One Response

  1. So glad this show was a success on all levels! Many thanks to everyone for making this happen. I had a wonderful experience there and hoping we will see Bruce in Arcata again soon.

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